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How to get CPanel emails in Gmail?

Now you can read your professional mails/domain names emails into your Gmail account by following steps

  1.  Login to your Gmail account and select the Settings option which is present at the upper right corner.
  2. Go to Accounts section, click Add POP3 mail account.
  3. Type your complete email address there which you are adding, and click Next Step.
  4. you will see pop3 configuration
    – Username- Enter your full email address which is followed by your domain name.
    – Password- Enter your email password.
    – POP Server- Type server name as ‘mail.yourdomain.com’ (replace yourdomain.com with your domain name). The POP port is 110.
  5. Refer to the Gmail configuration here.

Note:You can see ‘Leave a copy’ option there, it means It is asking for to leave a copy of mails on server, it will use web disk space, if you uncheck it then it will not leave the copy of mails, it will directly download to your Gmail account and deletes the mails on server web disk space