Jio DLT Header Registration (Sender ID)

Once your principal entity is registered with Jio, then you can apply for header. Login to your DLT account and click on Header SMS >> Header SMS Registration.

Jio DLT Header Menu


Promotional Header Registration: If you want to send purely promotional SMS then you need to register promotional header on Jio DLT. Promotional header will be 6 digit numerical header.

Jio DLT Promotional Header


Promotional Headers should start with the number that matches with the category (as per DND Preferences).

1. Banking/Insurance/Financial products/ credit cards.
Ex: 123890, 154987

2. Real Estate
Ex: 234567, 264789

3. Education
Ex: 397134, 321456

4. Health
Ex: 467931, 444654

5. Consumer goods and automobiles
Ex: 582974, 564123

6. Communication/Broadcasting / Entertainment/IT
Ex: 631469, 693147

7. Tourism and Leisure
Ex: 789456, 714369

8. Food and Beverages
Ex: 896321, 816934

0 (Zero) Others – Category that doesn’t appear in 1-8
Ex: 012389, 098654


Transactional & Service Header Registration: If you are sending informational and critical alert SMS then you can register other category header. You can get 6 characters alphabetic header like ABCCOM, SSDIND etc. Kindly note you can only get header on behalf of your registered business name only.

Jio DLT Header Registration

Note: Jio DLT header registration require 24- 48 working hours. You can contact Jio DLT support team

What’s Next? 

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