How to Manage FTP Account in Plesk panel

  1. To Change your FTP Access Login details.
  2. Click on Websites & Domains -> find the domain -> FTP Access.
  3. Type your new username and password.
  4. At last click OK.Manage, Add FTP Account in Plesk panel

You can access your FTP account using any FTP client Software like Filezilla

To add an additional FTP account in Plesk panel:

  1. Click on Websites & Domains and select the FTP Access option.Plesk add ftp user
  2. Click on Add FTP Account.Manage Plesk panel
    Specify the following:
    -FTP account name. Type your FTP username.
    -Home directory. Select the directory that you want to grant the permissions to your new FTP account.
    -FTP password. Type your FTP Account password.
    -Hard disk quota. To set the hard disk quota for your FTP Account.
    -Read permission. Allow viewing only permissions. Users can not upload or delete the contents in that specified folder.
    Write permission. Allow to create, view, rename and delete directories only permissions.FTP Account in Plesk panel
  3. At last click OK.

You can access your FTP account using any FTP client Software like FILEZILLA.

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