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Thanks for Patience in Hard Time!


From the last couple of weeks, we have gone from some hard time. We faced our Windows hosting server overloaded. Due to which many minor and major issues occurred. We have got lots of tickets, chats, and angry phone calls. But we focused on to make server load to normal. We deployed new server and moved few accounts to the new server. Also identified few accounts who were using most of the resources and asked them to move to VPS or dedicated server. Now, this is normal. Both servers and all services are at normal.

I personally thank our team in this situation and most importantly all customers who were supported in this hard time. But we have learned a lot of things in this situation

  • Keep good capping (even if some do not like it) to keep server under control.
  • Educate customers to upgrade to VPS when they are hitting to limits.

We have decided to discontinue our reseller hosting service as we want to focus on our end users only. 

We respect our old reseller users, we will keep serving them in future as well. But no more new reseller accounts from now on.

We will be revising our hosting plans with good capping and some price hikes so that we will not face this kind of issues in near future!