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Introducing Loyalty Benefit Scheme For Bulk SMS Users

We are having 1200 small business users who are using our bulk SMS service. As per request by many loyal customers, we are happy to introduce our “Loyalty Benefit Scheme for Bulk SMS Users“.

We will be providing 10% discount for all our existing bulk SMS users. Existing customers will get this benefit for all their future recharges. So you don’t have to ask for offers.

Terms for this loyalty benefit scheme:

  1. The customer should have at least one purchase for his account.
  2. SMS account should be active or expired within 30 days.
  3. The customer should not have any cancellation/refund request in past.

You don’t have to request anything for this scheme. You will get discounted invoice when you raise your recharge request here https://rzp.io/l/ssdsmspayment.

Note: After this scheme, we will be not offering any extra credits or extra discount for any customer.