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How to connect FTP with Filezilla

Filezilla is an FTP client software which helps you to connect to your server to upload your website contents without using hosting control panel.

You can connect your FTP by using the following steps.

  1. Install Filezilla.
  2. Click on File menu –> Site Manager                                                                        Filezilla site manager
  3. Click  New Site –>  Go to ‘General’ tab –> Host as Your-domain-name (For Example- ssddemo.in) –> Protocol as FTP –> Encryption as ‘Only use plain file’ –> Logon type as ‘Normal’ –> In User and password field type your username and password.                                                                                                        site manager
  4. Click on the ‘Transfer setting’ tab and select the ‘passive’ option. At last click on the ‘OK’ button.                                                                                                    Filezilla Transfer setting
  5. Now click on ‘Your site’ (Named as you mentioned) option which is present at below of the ‘File’ menu on the shortcut bar.                                                                                              FTP user