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How to add Cron Jobs / Scheduled Tasks in Plesk

Plesk control panel provides a facility of ‘Schedule task’. Which allows you to set the automated jobs to do by the system, which runs for a specific periodic time as every week, every day like this.

  1. Login to Plesk Panel
  2. At the right side panel you can find ‘Schedule task’ option, Click on itScheduled Tasks
  3. Click on ‘ADD TASK’ optionadd task
  4. Fill the data as follows:
    Activate: Check the box to activate scheduled task.
    Task Type: Select your task type which you have to run as daily basis
    Use PHP version: Select your PHP Version
    Run: Select your timing to run a task
    Description: A short description to remind you what this scheduled task does.
    Notify: Notify about Running Script error OR Notifications over email.Add task
Updated on July 2, 2019

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