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BSNL DLT Registration Process (Entity)

As per new TRAI (Govt of India) guidelines every business who want to send bulk SMS in India or voice call need to register their business as principal entity.

You can register with any one operator  like Jio / Airtel / Vodafone / BSNL / MTNL / Videocon for DLT . We will be covering how to register for BSNL  DLT portal here.

BSNL DLT registration process with screenshots:

Official BSNL DLT Portal BSNL DLT Portal is available here https://www.ucc-bsnl.co.in

Click on Signup button on home page of BSNL DLT portal. It will lead you to signup page.

BSNL DLT Entity Registration

Click on  “As Enterprise” option to register your business as entity in BSNL DLT.

BSNL DLT Enterprise Registration

Read the information and click on yes to process with entity registration.

BSNL DLT Registration Step1

BSNL DLT registration starts with your PAN card. You have to use your business PAN to register your business as entity. In case you are small business and do not have business PAN then you can use your personal PAN card details.

In this step it will verify PAN details. If already registered it will let your know otherwise you will be redirected to next step.

Entity business details

You can fill your business name as registered on PAN and registration certificate. Then enter your email id and password that you want to set for your DLT account.

BSNL DLT Entity Customer Information

On next screen you will be asked your contact information and business owner / signing authority information. Just fill up and continue.

On next screen you need to upload your documents and map our telemarkter id there.

SSD Web Solutions Pvt LTD‘s  BSNL Telemarketer ID 110240098000001273.

BSNL DLT team will review your documents and approve your entity registration in 3-4 working days.

Charges for DLT registration will be chargeable per year basis. Few operator are doing free 1st year registration then renewal will cost 5900 Rs. BSNL DLT registration fees approx 3250 Rs. You will get latest charges or free registration at final screen of registration.

BSNL DLT Registration Process

DLT is mandatory compliance for Bulk SMS service in India. Every business need to register their business in DLT.  It’s three steps process