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DLT Template ID in Bulk SMS API

As DLT is going to be Live by 8th March 2021, we hope you have got the approval of all your “SMS Content Templates” on the DLT platform.

Now, you have to pass the corresponding DLT Template IDs along with the SMS.

you need to pass the DLT approved Template Id parameter, you have to pass it along with all other parameters as you are passing currently. Bulk SMS service

Additional Parameter 

Parameter Name

How to find its value?


Template Id can be found
from your DLT platform

Description:: You can pass this Numeric Id once the DLT platform approves your Template and allot you a Template Id. Currently, this parameter is optional, but as per DLT, it will be LIVE by 8th March 2021

Sample SMS API:

http://sms.ssdindia.com/api/sendhttp.php?authkey=YourAuthKey&mobiles=919999999990&message=message&sender=ABCDEF&route=4&country=91&DLT_TE_ID=template id