How to Manage WordPress Themes in Plesk Panel

Login to plesk panel Click on Websites & Domains -> WordPress ->Themes -> Install. You can also remove themes from WordPress. To do, click on Websites & Domains -> WordPress -> themes, Click on the theme name checkboxes you want to remove, and click Uninstall.

How to create a website in Presence Builder of Plesk Panel

Login to Plesk control panel Click on the Websites & Domains menu and find your domain name Click on Create Site in the Presence Builder section. Select your website topic. Type your website name there and your website language. Provide information about your website there. At last click on Create Site button.

How to View Website Error Log in Plesk Panel

Now you can view your website errors by error log. Login to Plesk panel Click on Files menu which is present at right Menu bar ->  domain name -> click File Manager. Click on ‘logs’ folder name There you can see the php_errors folder click on it and download the log file.

How to change Email password from Plesk panel

Login to Plesk control panel Go to the ‘Mail’ menu which is present on the left menu bar You will show mailbox list, click on mail id which you want to reset password Now type or generate your password, copy that password anywhere At last click on OK button